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Convert your Excel files to databases, web pages or text in a single click with Advanced XLS Converter
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13 October 2015

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Microsoft Excel is one of the most popularly used spreadsheet programs for keeping database and records. This is one of the simplest program which allows simple way of keeping database among its other uses. Many database administrators often meet the requirement for exporting this database to some other format accessible by other program or may require putting this database on some online source. If you go by conventional means of simply copying and pasting, you may lose the actual format of database. You can not even afford to spend time on retyping the database on other program. In such a case, you must use some advanced converting utility like Advanced XLS Converter v.2.10 which is a powerful utility for exporting XLS database into a multitude of other formats.

Advanced XLS Converter is a simple to use program which facilitates the user with intuitive interface and logical layout of all the buttons and menus. Once you select you XLS file for conversion, the program shows a preview of the file and guides you through all the settings and customizations before finally converting the XLS database into any other database format. The whole procedure for conversion is divided into a number of steps so that the conversion becomes easy to handle even for a rookie user. The program lets you convert your standard XLS database into formats that can be opened with almost all the popularly used database management tools like Apache Derby, Oracle, Ms Access, SQL, and the output can be generated in general .DBF format, plain text, CSV format, or rich text format, so that your database gets wide utility if it is to be exported to some other user or displayed on your own website.

Advanced XLS Converter v.2.10 gets an overall score of four rating points on the scale of five for its easy and comprehensive database conversion functionality.

Publisher's description

Have you ever wished you could convert your xls (excel) file to a database at the click of a button? Or that you could transform it into perfectly formatted plain text to paste into an e-mail, or an instant web page to add to your site? Advanced XLS Converter allows you to do just that: convert any Excel file into one of a number of different formats with a single click.
Convert your spreadsheet to standard dbf database (.dbf), or Structured Query Language (.sql) format, to transform your data into a database file that can be opened and edited with all major database management systems, such as Oracle, Apache Derby, or Microsoft Access. Use comma-separated values (.csv), plain text (.txt), or rich text (.rtf) format, to convert your data to universally compatible text formats, and avoid those frustrating compatibility and formatting issues you encounter when transferring files between operating systems. Or convert to markup language (.xml or .html) format, to create polished web pages in one click, and take the stress out of updating your website.
You can also convert XLSX to XLS with Excel converter.
Advanced XLS Converter offers a command line option in addition to its simple, intuitive graphical user interface, so you can use whichever you find more convenient. Filters can be applied to your Excel file using either of these interfaces. The Excel file can also be sorted by column prior to conversion, so that information is presented in the most accessible and convenient way for your file-transfer recipient or visitors to your website. In addition to this, Advanced XLS Converter offers a batch-conversion option, enabling you to convert multiple Excel files with a single click especially useful if you have a whole folder of spreadsheets you need converting to database or web format in an instant.
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Advanced XLS Converter
Advanced XLS Converter
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